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They come in pairs. All images taken in Singapore's Chinatown with an Olympus PEN-EE2. Camera does 72 shots on a roll of 36. This little gem was sold to me second hand as not working for the stately sum of 8 Euros in 2014. The seller was not aware of the red-flag-test. The meter's selenium cell is still alive when the finder turns red upon pressing the shutter release. Turned out the camera was in perfect working order and the ideal camera to always have around when needed (tiny). Film was 35mm Kodak Tri-X 400 rated at box speed and developed in Caffenol for 15 minutes.


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Singapore*Chinatown Shōgi time
Singapore*Chinatown Shōgi oblivion
Singapore*Chinatown Have I got news for you?
Singapore*Chinatown Afternoon tea
Singapore*Chinatown Chinatown cobblers
Singapore*Chinatown Icecream commotion
Singapore*Chinatown Traffic
Singapore*Chinatown Festival float
Singapore*Chinatown Buddha Tooth Temple
Singapore*Chinatown Taxi???
Singapore*Chinatown Mending and hawking
Singapore*Chinatown No dumping
Singapore*Chinatown Wet market
Singapore*Chinatown Street decoration
Singapore*Chinatown Last Würstelstand before the Equator
Singapore*Chinatown Chinatown MRT
Singapore*Chinatown Chicken Rice
Singapore*Chinatown Day's end