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Random shots of random things and places around home base. Collected over the years and developed in standard Caffenol. Taken with either Contax G1, Contax G2, Nikon 35Ti or Voigtländer Bessa R.


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Hamburg*St.Pauli G20 - Riot control at St.Pauli's Millerntor
Hamburg*St.Pauli G20 - Riot police at St.Pauli's Millerntor
Hamburg*St.Pauli G20 - Millerntordamm
Hamburg*St.Pauli Louisiana Star, Hamburg
Hamburg*St.Pauli Westkurve
Hamburg*St.Pauli Heiligengeistfeld - Germany vs Slovakia [Round of 16, UEFA European Cup 2016]
Hamburg*St.Pauli Heiligengeistfeld, Hamburg 2013
Hamburg*St.Pauli Reeperbahn, Hamburg 2012
Hamburg*St.Pauli November, Hamburg 2014
Hamburg*St.Pauli November II
Hamburg*St.Pauli Shopping trolley cemetery
Hamburg*St.Pauli Der Gehörnte, Hamburg 2014
Hamburg*St.Pauli Hamburg 2015
Hamburg*St.Pauli Alter St.Pauli Elbtunnel, Hamburg 2013
Hamburg*St.Pauli Burchardkai - Hamburg, 2014 [technically speaking not St.Pauli]